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Materials - Our material manufacturing facilities use state of the art equipment to produce the highest quality materials available. Our highly trained quality control technicians are always checking to be sure that our products meet and exceed the customer's specifications.

  • Sand & Gravel - Our sand & gravel location produces NYSDOT approved washed sand & gravel products. Some of our major products are concrete sand, mason sand & DEC filter. We can custom manufacture to our customers special needs.
  • Blacktop - Our high production 12,000# batch plant has two storage silos to accommodate the highest production jobs when needed. We manufacture all of the NYSDOT mixes and can custom design to any customer needs. Our well-equipped quality control lab ensures that all of our products meet our strict quality control standards and guarantees our customers a consistent product every time.
  • Crushed Stone - We can crush a high quality limestone which exceeds all f NYSDOT high friction requirements. We manufacture all NYSDOT sizes and can custom crush and screen to our customers specification when the need arises. As always, quality control is monitored continuously to ensure the customer that the products they are purchasing are the finest available anywhere.